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Finance Manager

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The No. 1 smart financial platform operator

Establishment of individual smart banking in Korea's largest financial sector

Platform business

Providing a platform exclusively for non-face-to-face
financial channels
to domestic and foreign financial/public
institutions based on solution and business expertise.

Full Banking(Digital banking)

From inquiry and transfer to personal asset management to year-end tax adjustment A financial platform that allows users to use all services in one app.


Financial portal

As a sales channel for customer-facing services, a content-oriented financial service that implements a system that enables product sales and marketing by utilizing new technologies of Block Chain and AI.


Open banking

A common open platform in the financial sector that enables consumers to provide services in the form of standardized open APIs between fintech operators and financial institutions.


Global banking

A platform dedicated to global non-face-to-face channel services that allows domestic financial institutions to quickly achieve globalization, platformization, and segmentation


Solution Business

In-house R&D to supply of various technologies
necessary for the realization of digital financial services

Banking solution

Building global banking / Building smart banking / Building corporate banking

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Remittance/payment solution

Blockchain-based storage service / Blockchain-based electronic certification service

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MyData Solution

Smart loan / ID verification

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Regtech solution

AI-based voice phishing analysis / AI-based investment propensity analysis

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Service fee business

Directly providing convenient and successful fintech services to individuals
and corporate customers through financial institution alliances and the technologies

Fund Management/Collection Management service

Convenient fund/reception management service by linking the internal fund business and financial business of about 90,000 corporate customers

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Remittance/payment service

Convenient and safe B2C remittance and B2B payment services by applying fintech technology quickly

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Data brokerage service

Collect/analysis/process of various important data to provide financial and public data brokerage services for individuals and companies of various industries

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Cloud service

Providing cloud services based on Micro Service Architecture through
F-Cloud and Finger API Center

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