Providing B2C-centered overseas remittance services and B2B easy payment platform services
by utilizing fintech technologies and knowledge in the financial sector that have been accumulated for a long time

Rele Transfer international remittance service

A service that provides small amount international remittances easily and quickly through smartphones anytime, anywhere without an individual visiting bank (approved by the Ministry of Strategy and Finance of Korea - approved number 2017-7).

Features of service

Country where you can send money

Remittances can be made to more than 25 countries, including Vietnam, Southeast Asia, Europe, and Australia

Service inquiry

The payment platform service is...

A service that supports various payment methods according to the customer's environment so that payments can be made simply without going through complicated payment steps.

Service Features

Main service functions

Main service functions
User App Affiliated store App Payment server Manager
  • Service contents
  • Join membership
  • Self-certification
  • Charging
  • Payment/cancel
  • inquiry
  • Notification
  • Sign up
  • Business license
  • Payment/cancel
  • Refund
  • inquiry
  • Menu/Order
  • management
  • Event
  • Staff management
  • Notice management
  • Payment Operation policy management
  • Certification management
  • User management
  • Managing affiliate store
  • Charging management
  • Payment/cancellation management
  • Refund management
  • Settlement management
  • Integrated linkage management
  • CRM
  • Charge/payment/cancel Management
  • Managing affiliate store
  • Operation policy management
  • Statistics management
  • Authentication security management
  • System operation management

Payment method

  • MST payment

  • NCF payment

  • Barcode payment

  • QR code payment

Recharge and payment method

  • Bank account

  • Credit card

  • Check Card

  • Zero Pay

  • Affiliate payment