Collecting financial/non-financial information and the fastest and easiest for companies
in need of data Providing API-based data services


Product lists

  • Check authenticity of various IDs
  • Car registration records
  • Car accident history
  • Search my case
  • Search document authenticity
  • Identification verification
  • Treatment target and medical information
  • Insurance subscription and insurance payment details
  • Vaccinations Medication details, etc.
  • Closed business inquiry
  • Confirmation of business tax payment history
  • Document authenticity
  • Corporate profit and loss information inquiry
  • Corporate 10-year financial position inquiry, etc.
  • Loan product and interest rate information by bank
  • Deposit product and interest rate information by bank
  • Card product information
  • Current transaction suspension/cancellation inquiry
  • Market index Exchange rate
  • Account inquiry
  • Card transaction history
  • Direct debit registration history
  • Direct debit change/cancellation history
  • Loan information
  • Inquiry of merchant sales history by each card company
  • Inquiry of expected deposit details by each card company, etc.
  • Real estate market price inquiry
  • Standard public address search
  • Standard published price inquiry
  • transaction price inquiry
  • Communication cost
  • Point inquiry
  • Apartment information
  • Apartment management fee
  • Water tax/electricity fee payment
  • Expressway toll unpaid/payment history
  • Provide additional data through separate consultation desired by the customer
  • (Example) Parking fine inquiry, insurance solicitor career inquiry, etc.

Key references

Non-face-to-face loans

It is easy to check interest rates of all banks at once and submit documents necessary for loans without having to visit the bank for loan

Utilization of API

  • Health insurance payment history inquiry, income information from National Tax Service, and basic certificate of the Supreme Court
  • Loan products, interest rate information, and identification committee confirmation

Company that adopted the service

Asset management

It is easy to click on the fund plan through inquiry of all fund-related transactions and sales information necessary for corporate asset management

Utilization of API

  • Deposit account inquiry, card approval/purchase details inquiry, cash receipt tax invoice sales/purchase inquiry

Company that adopted the service


Various applicable non-face-to-face accounts, card issuance, and non-face-to-face tasks that require identity verification are used in various ways only by customers' choices and applied to business automation

Utilization of API

  • ID verification

Company that adopted the service

Service inquiry

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