Finger F-Cloud leads innovation in corporate digital services

Cloud services

Cloud services allow companies or individuals to use the resources of computer systems (network, servers, storage, applications) anywhere through the Internet

The composition of F-Cloud

Strengths of F-Cloud

Able to respond quickly and flexibly to changes in the environment

Apply fast and flexible response to environmental changes, system resources (H/W, S/W) and services freely and quickly for customer

Proven technical expert

Availability and effectiveness consisting of financial IT system specialists

High quality of service

Strengthen customer's business competitiveness Organically combines customers' businesses based on infrastructure services and micro-services on the platform

Providing stable services through the integrated control operation system

365*24 monitoring not only prevents failures but also solves problems quickly in the event of a failure

Ensuring security

Compliance and guidance with a high level of professional security management system

Minimize the burden on customers at reasonable prices

Reduce initial high investment costs by spending monthly usage fees

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