Provide efficient and convenient fund / collection management services in connection
with financial affairs within the company

Cash Management Service (CMS)

A service that improves a company's business productivity by integrating and managing corporate funding and information from financial institutions
and public institutions.

Shinhan Inside Bank service

Inside Bank, a fund management service provided by Shinhan Bank, is an integrated fund management service that can be used regardless of the size
and industry of the company, and

provides optimal customized services with fintech technology and fund management knowledge of
"80 million corporate customers."

Features of service

Integrated fund management

  • Convenient integrated management of all financial
    institutions' transactions on one screen

Deposit and withdrawal statement management

  • Check the status of funds on a specific date through
    transaction details and balance inquiry by date

Payment and payment management

  • By case, bulk, multi-account transfer
  • Manage approval authority to prevent accidents

Storage/Collection management

  • Integrated management of accounts
  • Collect distributed funds into one parent account

Corporate card cost management

  • Check your corporate card on one screen
  • Accounting without documentary evidence/simplification
    of value-added tax refund

ERP connection

  • Interworking with the company's internal system
  • Increasing accuracy and shortening work hours

Key references

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Virtual account receipt service

A service that improves efficiency of receipt/unpaid work by assigning virtual account numbers to each customer in the user institution that deals with multiple customers

Main functions of service

Integrated storage management

  • Shinhan Damoa's receipt management at once!

Mobile Damoa

  • Check everywhere, anytime, anywhere, on mobile!

Easy virtual account

  • Convenient receipts with various settings!

Customer information management

  • Systematic management with separate customer/claim registration!

Main customers who choose virtual account services

Solving complex and frequent receipt tasks to 5,000 business operators with virtual account services

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