i-Smart CMS (Cash Management Service)

For strategical fund management, provides every financial organizations’ (bank, card, securities, insurance, etc.) information in real time, and understanding fund flow enable establishing and operating the fund planning, and this is the solution increasing business efficiency with internal system interlink and business customized service.

Firm Fund Management Solution Products

  • i-Smart CMS Web : CMS Solution for Web service environment
  • i-Smart CMS C/S : CMS solution for C/S environment
  • myFinger CM : Transaction information management specialized solution for C/S environment

i-Smart CMS (Web and C/S)

i-Smart CMS contains program functions of previous simple receiving management and also all the data for firm’s fund management and decision making of administrator into one program enable faster business process and help easy decision making.

Main Function of i-Smart CMS

01 Account/ Corporate card integrated management
02 Franchise sales management
03 Cash receipt integrated management
04 Payment business management
05 Simple ledger management
06 Electronic tax bill integrated management
07 Receiving management
08 Firm banking and ERP connection etc.

i-Smart CMS system structure example


i-Smart SMS System apply sample

| Shinhan bank industrial customer
| Finger own customer service

myFinger CM System structure example

. . .

myFinger CM apply sample

| Shinhan Card
| Tide Square
| Korea Export and Import Bank
| NH Development exchange business
| HyundaiCard
| Daemyung Tour Mall
| HyundaiCapital etc.