BIG (Scraping)

Scraping is providing the web page information of various finance organizations providing customer service and terms to one single display or DB automatically. Login information could be stored in encrypted internal space, and provide them upon user’s request or schedule function.

3 elements when adopting scraping package

Constructing 3 elements of scraping service are the engine part, main processing system and the script module, taking the access information of target site and the customizing, make interlink suitable for service type wanted by customer.

What is Finger Scraping?

Finger scraping is a patent technology developed first in 2001. Since 14 years of know-how base, we are doing various businesses using scraping technology.

Finger Scraping Providing Policy

  • It’s based on the information pages provided as webpage format, and follow the providing company’s security policy
  • Direct service is providing in private or firm’s end user environment.
  • When there is any changes or page renewal, etc. in service providing target site, maintenance will be provide.

Scraping Method provided by Finger


Specialty of Scraping Solution

There are two method in scraping technology, protocol and browser method. Comparing the execution method, protocol method is much better, and this is the Finger’s providing method.

classProtocol methodBrowser methodAssessment
PerformanceIn the communication protocol, transmitting data is directly scraping with HTTP communication moduleIn the communication protocol, for the data communication activate the browser and scraping the data displaying by browserProtocol excellent
Resource utilizeBesides HTTP communication, no additional resource cost. Saving more than 80% of resource form browser method.Per each HTTP communication, activate one browser. According browser activation, cost for resource is high and when multi-processing, it will be more problem.Protocol excellent
Client environment’s dependenceIndependent from browse’s version or browser setting.Dependent with client’s browser version or browser setting.Protocol excellent
Easy of maintaenece(separativeness)Scraping development and maintenance divided from UI, it can be done without changes in application.Scraping method connected with UI and engine, when frequent script maintenance, application should be changed together.Protocol excellent
Scraping Expertise
  • Scraping original technology development and retention
  • Patent certified technology
  • More than 10years of experience in field application for this technology, retain high quality of expertise
Great Business Know-how
  • Finance SI/SM business experience in various field
  • Retain great business experience in middle and large sized business like fund management for National Pension/ Pension for Private School
  • Great ability for stable system development
Expert support system
  • Separate department operation for scraping business
  • Update (Engine/ Script) mandatory providing for private and firm customers
  • Systematic support in every part, such as telephone counselling, remote support

Service type and maintenance

Finger’s scraping solution ‘BIG’ is checking the range of collection information needed when firm operate the business, and collect the such data with scraping technique, provide them with workable data format. BIG is consists with Solution product (buying) build by firm and Service product (lease) with monthly based fee.

Type of Scraping Service