C2C Direct Dealing Market, Free Market Service

It’s an easy personal mobile direct dealing market service, where private can be producer, seller and buyer, distributing the products from second hand, hand-made, agricultural to small business and also user oriented market service.
You can download from Google Play store or App store and try it with free.

Overview of Free Market

Free market is a mobile direct deal market where private or small business could sell and buy the products from hand-made to second hand, agricultural, other unique products. Especially there is no sales and registration fee, private and small business who burden for the fee like this service. Since the service started from 2014, friends sales algorithm based Free Market keep increased the users.

Specialty of Service

01 No sales and registration fee
02 Private and small business, anybody can use
03 Easy and simple one click product registration
04 Via profile friend tok, easy and simple deal
05 Inside the App 1:1 inquiry function, fast communication enable Spread function makes free product promotion
06 Mobile phone and account certification prevent fraud transaction
07 Friends algorithm based safe transaction
08 Spread function makes free product promotion

Utilization of Free Market

Who are friends of Free Market?

  • Whenever I want I can produce, sell and buy; mobile market optimized for private
  • Zero sales/registration fee, one click product registration, patent friend base sales algorithm direct deal market
  • Hand-made, agricultural, small business product, unique and second hand products are distributed, user oriented market
  • Seller’s name/ bank account/ mobile phone certificate, the cheat cooperation & interlink enforced market security

When you need Free Market friend

  • Want to sell the hand-made product but don’t know where to
  • Want to sell the my own grown agricultural product, but it’s hard to register and worry for the fee
  • Want to sell or buy the second hand product
  • Want a new market for selling by privately or small business

What we can help you!

  • Do you have a cheating experience when dealing second hand product?
  • Hand-made, eye catching second hand, farmer’s own agricultural products, etc. various products nowhere else you can see, are available.
  • You can see the famous products separately, so you don’t have to wander.
  • Transaction with making friend between users, easy direct deal could be possible, and you can buy the product cheap without distribution commission.
  • With one-click, product could be registered easily. (with maximum 6 photos together)
  • Sales management function makes real time checking my sales.

How to communicate with Free Market

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