Virtual Account Service

It’s a service for customer company (Firm/Private Enterprise/Group) who dealing with many customers, provided virtual account numbers per customer, so that efficient automatic receiving management could be possible.

Virtual Account Overview

Electronic Financial Business registered on March, 2017 (02-004-00109).
Easy for automatic receiving management with providing per customer virtual account and enable to check real time deposit status of customer, and customer’s payment deposit to customer company’s collecting account.

Specialty of Service

01 Receiving management automation Deposit information and immediate check/ automatic balancing to collecting account/ various payment term setting (deposit period, amount, deposit holder, etc.)
02 Easy of using method Dedicated line connection with bank/ no need to building system, No Certificate or banking login/ deposit and charge, notification management function provided/ ERP interlink possible
03 Virtual account & FinTech service Mobile report for deposit manager/ mobile notification for Payer and one-click payment
04 On-demand virtual account service Flexible structure for desired structure and contents composition/ provides management sites for academy cost, child care tuition, rental business, various private enterprise/ provides module/agent for managing franchise, firm’s head and branch company
05 Cheap commission Cheap omission percentage compare other payment commission/ no provisional increasing constant commission system versus request amount

Structure of Virtual Account