Tax Refund (F-TR(Finger Tax Refund) Service

From tour guide to tax refund for the foreign tourists visit Korea, it’s a tax refund service for both franchise and tourist could use easily.

Overview of Tax Refund

  • Appointed tax refund desk business operator on Aug. 2017 (No. 100-2017-0002)
  • With the tax refund F-TR(Finger Tax Refund), from foreign tourists’ tour guide to tax refund, franchise and tourist could easily use the tax refund service.
  • Through the supported mobile app, pre-registration of refund bill could be possible at anytime, anywhere, and also providing community function enable free communication with the guide of tour agency.
  • *Tax refund is an institution to refund VAT or consumption tax to foreign tourist.

Specialty of Service

01 Tax refund function Refund bill scan at anytime, anywhere/ refund request information inquiry/ refund related notification provide/ easy VAT refund at the exit airport/port
02 Guide community function Tour schedule check/ real time call with guide/ group chatting with guide and tourists (photo, message sending etc.)/ meeting time or emergency notification provide

Tax Refund Process Information

  • Tax refund object
  • Foreigner (length of stay less than 6 months)
  • Overseas Korean (length of stay in overseas more than 2 years/ less than 3 months in country)
  • Who has no income in Korea
  • Tax refund requirement
  • Product buying more than 30,000won in single shop
  • Leaving in 3 months after buying
  • Carry-out report at departure place (take custom stamp)
Tax refund is an institution to refund VAT or consumption tax to foreign tourist.

Main Displays of Tax Refund