Financial Information Inquiry

It’s a service for supporting easy fund and account business processing through the connection with internal system and providing batch financial data inquiry of financial companies like Bank, Card, Securities, Insurance, etc..

Finance Information Inquiry Connection


Finance Information Inquiry Building Sample

| Shinhan Bank Inside Bank, Moneymento
| Shinhan Card Research Fund Management System
| Hyundaicard/Hyundai capital Transaction Inquiry System
| Mizuho Bank Smart CMS
| Busan Bank IN-BANK CMS
| SKT Money making housekeeping book
| National Pension Internal Fund Connection System
| Pinch Credit
| Evaluation Model Etc.

Public Information Inquiry

It’s a service supporting business adaptation with easily providing data from public organizations such as National Tax Service, Government 24, National Pension Service, Health Insurance Corporation, Supreme Court, Road Traffic Authority, etc. and supporting new service and business simplification in connection with internal system.

Specialty of Service

01Closing Business Inquiry Using business firm’s business registration number, tax type and closing business inquiry from National Tax Service, tax process, VAT refund, business registration status checking service.
02Identification Card Authentication Driver license, Residence registration card, Alien registration card etc., such identification card’s truth authenticity service for certificate of the information.
03Income inquiry and Employment status inquiryWhen building with non face to face loan service, the needed documents for checking customer’s income information, employment status , etc. could be collect by scraping, the pin tech technology.
04Electronic Tax Bill Automatic inquiry and collecting processing of electronic tax bill from National Tax Service, it could be reduce the omission of works or minimize hand writing process and reduce VAT refund business.
05Case search, Revive and Bankruptcy inquiryAutomatic inquiry and collecting processing status of each case of every courts in country makes possible monitoring case process and easy internal business, and at the same time through the revival or bankruptcy inquiry of individual or firm, support efficient bond review business process, etc.
06Real Estate information and For Sale status inquiryUsing the data from internet registration office, KRAS, MOLIT’s organizations, easily inquire real estate information such as credit evaluation, real estate registration, etc. and support efficient fluctuation management and evaluation through the connection with internal system.

Connection of Public Information Inquiry


Financial Information Inquiry Building Sample

| Shinhan bank/ Industrial bank non face to face loan business
| Shin card Identification authenticity inquiry and loan business
| Woori bank real estate business
| Naver Electronic Tax Bill
| SGI Seoul Guarantee closing business inquiry service

Other Information Inquiry

It’s a service for easy inquiry and collecting the data automatically such as exchange rate, national bond, economic indicator, open market, mileage, facebook, used car prices, media information, etc. various data and connect with internal system.

Connection of Other Information Inquiry


Financial Information Inquiry Building Sample

| Pinch Credit Evaluation Model
| Ilpamanpa SNS News work
| Woori bank real estate for sale inquiry etc.